Our Process



Let’s meet to learn more about each other, what opportunities look like with Sunvera Group and how you envision the future of your practice.


Sign a non-disclosure agreement

After the first initial meeting, we both sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure strict confidentiality as we move forward to the research stage.


Begin the research process including financial review and evaluation.

We will begin an evaluation of your practice to help determine the terms and values of a fair and accurate transaction.


Prepare and sign a Letter of Intent (LOI)

Once we’ve agreed on the terms of a relationship, both parties will sign a letter of intent (LOI).


Due Diligence

We work closely with you to take a deeper look into the legal, financial and other types of evaluations.


Develop and Sign Final Agreements

The final documents detailing our transaction are created and signed by both parties and your proceeds are transferred to you. Now we are United in our Vision!