United In Our Vision Award Winner: Leah Godell

At Sunvera Group, our goal is to enrich lives by empowering doctors and teams to advance in the evolving landscape of eye care. The values we display in our daily work are what allow us to be successful in achieving this mission.

Each quarter, we select one stand-out team member throughout the Sunvera network to receive the United in Our Vision Award.

Recipients of the award are those who consistently demonstrate Sunvera’s core values: Put People First, Together we Succeed, and Pursuit of Excellence. This quarter, team members across the organization were asked to focus on our core value: Put People First, and to nominate a colleague that consistently exhibit these behaviors in their daily work.

Out of 500+ team members throughout Sunvera, there were 21 nominations, who were then scored by our panel of judges to bring us to our Top 5. We are thrilled to honor Leah Godell at Wilkinson Eye Center for her commitment to Put People First!

Here is just one of the comments Leah’s fellow team members had to say about her.

Pictured is Leah Godell holding the holding the award and flowers surrounded by her team 

“Leah Godell is the epitome of dedication in our ophthalmic industry. As an exceptional technician, she consistently places the needs of patients above all else, embodying the core values of Sunvera to “Put People First.” Whether she is arriving to work early to field triage calls, setting up instruments and technology so that clinic runs more smoothly, or staying late to ensure a prior authorization is completed so a patient can receive their medication on time, Leah’s commitment to providing exceptional care never ceases. As colleagues, we all often marvel at her unwavering dedication as she almost seamlessly balances clinical expertise while also exemplifying genuine kindness. This unique combination of values is only overshadowed by her constant ability to bring genuine laughter and joy to the workplace (usually in the form of memes!).

Leah’s excellent service extends beyond the responsibilities of ophthalmic technicians, but also includes her constant need to seek out clinical solutions that contribute to enhance the patient experience. She takes the extra time during the day to listen to the patients’ concerns (both ocular and otherwise), while also documenting said concerns for the rest of the staff. This proactive approach not only fosters a sense of trust and confidence among patients (some patients request her by name upon arrival to our clinic!) but also inspires her colleagues to also strive for excellence. Leah’s unwavering dedication to putting patients first sets a remarkable standard within the ocular healthcare community, reinforcing the profound impact that compassionate care can have on patient’s lives.”

Dr. St. Louis, Wilkinson Eye Center

Congratulations Leah!

In addition, we would also like to recognize our team members that were among the Top 5 nominees. This achievement highlights the power of our unity and shared purpose. Thank you for being vital contributors to our joint success.

Amy Emming – Michigan Oculofacial Specialists

Debbie Woityra – Wilkinson Eye Center

Priti Patel– Kellis Eye & Laser Center

Shannon Palmeri – Sunvera Group


The United in our Vision Awards were created to identify and honor the team members across our organization who truly and consistently demonstrate the values and behaviors that help us to achieve our mission.

  • Put People First – Be service-minded, respectful, empathetic and embrace the diversity of our patients and colleagues. Be truthful and act with integrity, creating a safe and ethical environment for all.
  • Together we Succeed – Encouraging collaboration in the workplace and demonstrating the value of teamwork. Consistently willing to go beyond your defined role to bring value and enrich the lives of others.
  • Pursuit of Excellence – Striving for the highest quality experience regardless of our individual role. Applying innovation and a solution-oriented mindset to advance and improve even in the most challenging situations.

The United in our Vision Awards are a quarterly program, so be sure to look out for the next round of nominations coming soon!