United in our Vision Award Winner: Beverly Zwicker

At Sunvera Group, our goal is to enrich lives by empowering doctors and teams to advance in the evolving landscape of eye care. The values we display in our daily work are what allow us to be successful in achieving this mission.

Each quarter, we select one stand-out team member throughout the Sunvera network to receive the United in Our Vision Award.

Recipients of the award are those who consistently demonstrate Sunvera’s core values: Put People First, Together we Succeed, and Pursuit of Excellence. This quarter, team members across the organization were asked to focus on our core value: Pursuit of Excellence, and to nominate a colleague that elaborates on how they consistently exhibit these behaviors in their daily work.

Out of 500+ team members throughout Sunvera, there were 27 nominations, who were then scored by our panel of judges to bring us to our Top 5. We are thrilled to honor Beverly Zwicker, the Credentialing Manager at Sunvera Group for her commitment to the Pursuit of Excellence!

Here are just some of the comments Beverly’s fellow team members had to say about her.

Pictured are Josh Robbins, Director of RCM, Bev Zwicker, Credentialing Manager, and Joe Honkala, CFO, at Sunvera Group’s Corporate Office

“I’m nominating Beverly Zwicker for the Pursuit of Excellence award. Her exemplifying qualities set her apart in a league of her own. First and foremost, Beverly’s unwavering loyalty is a cornerstone of her character. Hard work is a defining feature of Beverly’s approach to any task at hand. Through countless hours of dedication and determination, she consistently goes above and beyond, showcasing a work ethic that serves as an inspiration to those around her. Her diligence is not merely a means to an end but a reflection of her commitment to achieving excellence in every endeavor. In addition to her commendable work ethic, Beverly possesses a wealth of knowledge that serves Sunvera and our partners. Continuously seeking to expand her understanding and expertise, she stays abreast of industry trends and innovations, positioning herself as an invaluable resource in any team or project. This nomination for the Pursuit of Excellence is well-deserved. Her loyalty, hard work, knowledge, and results-oriented mindset make her a standout individual in any setting. As an exemplary professional, she not only sets high standards for herself but also inspires those around her to strive for excellence in their pursuits.”

Josh Robbins, Director of RCM, Sunvera Group

“I’m nominating Beverly for the Pursuit of Excellence Award because she embodies this value in everything she does. Her commitment to excellence is the driving force behind her consistent work ethic and positive impact on our team. Whenever there’s a challenge, I see Beverly as the first to step up with solutions but also never stops working for even a second. Whenever we lose our internet connection, she is resilient and ensures the work doesn’t just continue but thrives under difficult circumstances. I’ll never forget this one day when I thought I’d be the early bird, getting to the office at 7am to meet a vendor. Guess who was already there? Beverly. And she wasn’t just killing time; she was deep in work. That day stretched long for me, not leaving till 5:30pm, and Beverly was still at it. She’s the first to arrive and the last to leave, showing her incredible dedication to our work and her relentless pursuit of excellence. Beverly’s approach to the leader dogs kickoff event was another example to her pursuit of excellence. She volunteered to assist and went beyond just fulfilling what we requested. She prepared ahead of time, was eager to take on extra tasks, and she paid a lot of attention to detail during the event ensuring its success. She was an unseen hand ensuring everything ran smoothly, constantly refilling supplies, and keeping the place spotless. After the event, she was the last person out the door, making sure every aspect was taken care of. Beverly doesn’t just do her job; she sets a new standard for what excellence looks like in our workplace. Her actions, attitude, and results are a perfect reflection of the Pursuit of Excellence value, making her an ideal candidate for this award.”

Yousif Korkis, Marketing Coordinator, Sunvera Group

Congratulations Bev!

In addition, we would also like to recognize our team members that were among the Top 5 nominees. This achievement highlights the power of our unity and shared purpose. Thank you for being vital contributors to our joint success.

Makensey Atwell – Ophthalmic Physicians Inc.

Kim Zieminski – Ophthalmic Specialists of Michigan

Dr. Carl Clavenna – Clavenna Vision Institute

Rob Thomas – Ophthalmic Specialists of Michigan

Dr. David Ellenberg – Ophthalmic Specialists of Michigan

About the United in our Vision Awards

The United in our Vision Awards were created to identify and honor the team members across our organization who truly and consistently demonstrate the values and behaviors that help us to achieve our mission.

  • Put People First – Be service-minded, respectful, empathetic and embrace the diversity of our patients and colleagues. Be truthful and act with integrity, creating a safe and ethical environment for all.
  • Together we Succeed – Encouraging collaboration in the workplace and demonstrating the value of teamwork. Consistently willing to go beyond your defined role to bring value and enrich the lives of others.
  • Pursuit of Excellence – Striving for the highest quality experience regardless of our individual role. Applying innovation and a solution-oriented mindset to advance and improve even in the most challenging situations.

The United in our Vision Awards are a quarterly program, so be sure to look out for the next round of nominations coming soon!